Samantha Josette


Hello I'm Samantha Josette

the lady with many hats!  I am a wedding planner, photographer, artist, barmaid but most importantly a wife & mother.  But someone asked me once who is Samantha. I of course listed all of the above, However; i was quickly stopped.  She said "no i didn't ask what you do.  I asked who are you? What makes Samantha.... Samantha?"  Boy did this stump me for a minute.  if my professions & life roles aren't how i should describe myself than I guess it would go something like this...... 

I am an adventurer at heart, always amazed by nature, inspired by food and cooking, energized by long days at the beach or a hike up one of the many trails in San Luis Obispo County followed by brunch with the girls. Im obsessed with all things design and art and what I wouldn’t do to sit down with Chip and Joanna Gains to get filled with knowledge and probably a whole lot of laughter. I love the ocean but these days I don’t swim in it unless I am somewhere tropical. I love to paint anything... weather it be walls in our home, canvas or the next piece of furniture I bought from a local thrift store or garage sale. Oh yes, I LOVE THRIFT SHOPPING. 95% of my wardrobe is thrift store finds. I consume way too much coffee. My favorite snack would be gourmet cheese and crackers, and I could eat sushi every night of the week. I honestly love so many things that I could go on an on.


wedding & lifestyle photography


PHotography is a great joy i have in my life. It started as an artistic expression & later turned into this wonderful business.  I am so lucky to be able to capture beautiful images of others' most joyous times.

Click the images bellow to view the galleries of my latest work

Ali Senior Portraits

Montana De Oro CA, September 17th, 2017

Ana & Kevin Maternity 

Shell Beach CA, September 5th, 2017

Adria...Maker Headshots

Private home, Arroyo Grande CA, August 22nd, 2017

Something Bridal inventory shoot

Pepper Tree Ranch San Luis Obispo CA, July 31st, 2017

Jordan & Melissa Engagements 

Higuera Ranch San Luis Obispo CA, August 8th, 2017

Flores Family

Higuera Ranch San Luis Obispo CA, July 12th, 2017

Wesley is one 

Pismo Beach CA, July 7th, 2017

Carson Is one

Pismo Beach CA, June 1st 2017

Tori Cal Poly Senior photos

San Luis Obispo CA, May 25th 2017

Cousin Portraits

Avila Beach CA, May 20th 2017

Marrufo Family... with surprise proposal & Baby announcement 

Avila Beach CA, May 13th 2017

Jacob & Cynda

Nipomo CA, March 25th, 2017

Mother son lifestyle

San Luis Obispo CA, March 13th 2017

Litzinger Family Lifestyle

San Luis Obispo CA, March 11th 2017

Carson 9 Months ... "YOu're killing me Smalls"

Arroyo Grande CA, March 16th 2017

Olivia 1 year Photos

Grover Beach CA, March 14th 2017

All Inclusive Elopement shoot

Oceano Dunes CA, February 25th 2017

Suprise Proposal at Catalina airport in the sky

Catalina CA, February 4th 2017



Wedding Planning


my first big adventure as an entrepreneur was starting my business Memory Making events.  I have always dreamed of it but never thought it was going to be a reality.  Well luckily living in San Luis Obispo County made this dream a wonderful reality.  After earning a degree in Interior Design, working a few years with a design company while taking online courses in wedding planning, I was ready to take the leap into the wonderful world of weddings I live in now. 


Did you say Barmaid?


Remember how i said I had a degree in Interior design? well, something had to pay those bills while in school.  I've always worked in restaurants since i was 16 and worked my way up to a bartender just days after i turned 21.  I loved every minute of bartending and as i've grown into a "seasoned" adult i've been dreaming up the next great crafted cocktail.  Well since I'm already integrated in the wedding industry it was a great fit for me to start a wedding and event bartending service ...... 

Saúde Mobile bar

while specializing in custom signature drinks for my clients using house made infused syrups & providing professional Bartenders i am confident that SAÚDE Mobile bar is the modern yet old fashioned bartending service that everyone desires


The wedding Space

My business home.... The Wedding Space.  A place where I get to share space, laughter, stories, advice with these 4 other suite mates of mine.  A place where i get to invite my clients to go over details of their wedding or event.  The home of my office space where I sit many hours at my desk to make sure to provide the best service to all my clients.  

The Wedding Space consists of 5 wedding professionals including myself.  The other 4 suite mates are not only business colleagues but some of my best friends.