Samantha Josette

For those of you who know me you know that I don't just do one thing or have one business.  Not only am I a wife and mother of 3 beautiful boys, I also have passion for many other things.  I am a Wedding Planner and Designer and have always had a passion for all things design and creating personal style.  This started at a young age but really blossomed after earning a degree in Interior design.  I then found my way into the wedding industry and started my business Memory Making Events

I also have a love for photography.  This too started as at a young age.  I bought myself a cannon powershot elf camera when I was 17 and from there I knew I loved capturing memories.  After building my photo gear and shooting photos for families and friends pretty frequently I knew I needed to turn my hobby of photography into another business Samantha Josette Photography.

I always say how much I miss waitressing and bartending (something I did while a student and beyond); however I could never work in a restaurant again.  So when the opportunity to buy out an event bartending businesses arose I took it.  I now own Sa├║de Mobile Bar and get to bartend again, but in the same world of weddings and events that I've grown to love.  Although I am not always the one bartending at all of our gigs, I do get to help create a wonderful bar menu for our clients.  I love creating custom signature drinks for brides and grooms.  I will customize an infused syrup to create a unique flavor for the cocktail that fits all their tastes and needs.  

Those are my three businesses but believe it or not I have more loves and passions.  So this website and blog will be featuring posts and future pages of all that I get my hands on.  What are other subjects that you can expect?  Art! I was an artists before any of these things and I know I am being called to create fine art again.  So, stay tuned for the work that I produce and maybe have a shopping cart for purchasing some of these pieces.  Cooking!  I really love cooking so I will most likely share some recipes that are good for entertaining or keeping your kiddos fed.  Look out for all of my cocktail recipes too.  Every time I create a new custom cocktail I will be sharing it. Motherhood! I will be posting about motherhood and balancing that with business.  I know there are a lot of women out there who want to run a business but don't know how to do that with kiddos running around.  I want to help share some insight on things I do to make this possible.  It is not easy but doable. My Faith! I am a new christian, almost 3 years saved, so I love hearing testimonies and how to live a grace filled life.  I would love to share any of my testimonies or tips on how to keep a God driven life as a mother and business owner.  Thrifting!  One of my all time favorite past times is to pop into  the nearest thrift store to find fashion, home decor or furniture that is either ready to go or is in need of a little TLC.  I would love to post about my finds and what I did to make it my own.  I get complimented most on my thrifted fashion or thrifted and refurbished home items.  

So thanks for joining me and I hope that you will be interested in following me in my journey.  

Much Love xoxoxo

Samantha Josette 

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