Finding My Why

I know I haven’t been blogging, and usually its because I feel like I have to have perfect photos and words to share before sharing. But I feel like God has put on my heart to use this platform as my journal to share my story and all the knowledge I’ve been receiving to help others in their journey. So here I am starting today…. I am about to share all those nuggets with you all a few times a week in between some truly amazing weddings and photos that I have the privilege in being apart of. But I find myself having a passion for more than just wedding planning and photography. That passion is becoming my “Why” and I can’t wait to keep sharing with you all.

After 7 years in business as a wedding planner and 5 years as a professional photographer you would think it would be easy for me to answer the question what is your “Why”. I can come up with a million reasons why I love what I do and why I do them. But the real question is what is your why not you whys. Digging deeper into what that question is really asking is “what is your purpose”. Are you getting to your purpose with what you are doing?

I have come to a season where I have been able to step out of my hustle and bustle and look in so I can really reflect on where I was, where I am and where I want to be. I feel so excited and empowered on what’s to come that I can’t wait to get there. And, if you know me, when I want to get somewhere I jump, leap and even hop on a rope swing to get there. But, this time I want to make sure I work on my present to start making shifts and changes and make space for my true purpose through all that I do. I have reflected on what areas of my businesses keep me smiling and which ones bring on anxiety. I have figured out so much and I have removed some things that I once offered that wasn’t bringing me joy. I have streamlined my services so I can keep doing what I love and offer the ones that I am giddy for.

Today I got to be a guest speaker at a Communications Major Club at Cal Poly. Now, if you would have told me 7 years ago that I would be speaking about how to start and have a successful business in something you love… I would have told you you were crazy and there is no way I would be at a place in my life where I would be asked such a thing let alone have the courage to speak in front of others. Yes, I did get nervous about it due to a major fear of public speaking but I went through with it. I knew it was to speak about my passions to encourage other woman to go for their dreams too. After telling my story and answering their questions …. I found myself thinking that I wish I could sit with each and everyone of these ladies one on one to hear their stories and their dreams.

One of the students asked me what I was most proud of. I instantly knew the answer because I had a friend just tell me that morning how proud she was of me and how I inspire her. She said “… hearing someone can consider themselves healing but be coming out on top and staying strong with so much drive - that inspires me, truly. Makes me proud to know you.” Of course I cried… because if you know me its a frequent thing (I cry over everything event if its not sad or moving). But how intentional was God by having her tell me those things so when I was asked what I was most proud of…. I knew what to say. And its exactly what my friend was saying. I am so proud of myself for overcoming hard, continuing to heal emotionally, but to go for my dreams and desires in the process and using all of it as my drive.

I had so many people tell me I can’t, I won’t, Im not good enough, that’s not a real career, starting a business is too hard, moms can’t be entrepreneurs…. WELL GUESS WHAT…. I can, I did, I am enough, I made my passions into my career, starting a business is easier than it seems, and not only can moms be entrepreneurs but I was a single mom with an infant when I started mine.

I left the campus not only feeling really old (im officially 10 years out of college)… but inspired myself. I was there to inspire others but I felt as if I left there more inspired than the students.

It dawned on me….. I want to do this all the time. I want to be that one on one mentor to help woman sift through their wants, needs, talents, weaknesses, brokenness etc and get to a place where they are moving towards their purpose. I am all about lifting others and community over competition.

So here I am adding another hat to this full head of mine. I don’t even know what to title it because honestly I just want to be that girlfriend on the coach that you can laugh with, cry to and listen to your dreams. I want to be the one to tell them that they can… what’s stopping you. I will even go as far as giving them tools and advice on how to start.

So I found my why… and the way I found it was to keep doing what I love and figure out what Im passionate about and believing that I am enough.

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