Matt & Camellia's Big Sur Ca Wedding

I knew instantly that I was going to enjoy being Matt and Camellia's Wedding planner after our first conversation over the phone.  Camellia expressed her want for and intimate laid back wedding that still felt beautiful.  Her priority was to hire a wedding planner that will help create a day such as this but also wanted an amazing photographer and videographer to provide them with epic shots.  And boy is that what they got. She mentioned how they had their engagement photos taken in New Zealand up in the Mountains by Williams Photography, so their wedding photos and video had to be just as incredible.  Check out one of their engagement photos here :

I know..... pretty spectacular right?  

They wound up booking Woodman Weddings for their photographer and Josh Harney Productions for their videographer.  Both amazing!  And not to mention the other fabulous vendors, their florist who happens to be one of my favorites from San Luis Obispo Ca,  Lori Boe Floral Designs, their Venue was Ragged Point Inn in Big Sur Ca who also provided the catering and rentals, their Hair and Makeup artists was the one and only Rhonda Johnson, their cakes were from the famous Madonna Inn Bakery, and the most epic DJ out there from Epic Entertainment Anthony Salas.  

This couple was seriously the sweetest and so was their family and friends.  My most favorite part of the entire wedding was their Wedding Party grand entrance which was a choreographed dance tributing La La Land the movie that had just come out while planning their wedding.  Be sure to look out for that video at the bottom of this post.  What was so awesome about this is Camellia the bride and her friends were all pro dancers, but Matt the groom was not.  He was taught and he practiced (who knows how many times) just to make his bride happy.  I actually didn't event know until afterwards that he was not a dancer because he was that good.  You can only imagine how epic their dance party was later in the evening after this performance. 

I really enjoyed designing their simple yet beautiful wedding style.  Just a few touches like draping a drab wall, adding garland and florals to their ceremony pagoda, and creating a chandelier affect above with twinkle lights and greenery was really all this place needed to make their dreams come true. 

I was thrilled to be their wedding planner and love staying in touch with them since then as they travel the world.  Im just a little bit envious of their travel life.  

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